NullCat – Game Jam Build

NullCat is a quirky little puzzle platformer where you can use the mouse to add and rearrange structures in each level while you play.

Apparently your character (the titular NullCat) has become so null that they’ve been warped into a place between worlds (called the Nullworld). But if they capture the ten compasses that are scattered through ten short single-screen levels then they’ll be able to escape. You can walk and jump, just like in most platformers, but you can also use the mouse to grab, place and rotate tiles which can allow you to traverse each level.

Created in just 24 houses for the ASM Game Jam 2020, NullCat is fairly short, but it’s a fun little puzzle platformer with a quirky premise, great pixel art visual style and inventive puzzle design. The later levels are particularly well designed, requiring you to use the rame tiles in various different ways to create a path through them. See if you can escape the Nullworld!

Play NullCat Here (Browser)