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nullpointer game download

nullpointer is a super cool procedurally generated first person cyber shooter that plays like a first person Geometry Wars, with intense skill based combat against swarms of neon shapes that’ll test your reflexes to the limit.

Created for in just five days for 7drl, nullpointer is an intense first person shooter with silky smooth controls and very satisfying combat as you navigate a procedurally generated warren of levels and blast masses of swarming enemies – all accompanied by an awesome electronic soundtrack. There are no new weapons to collect tand there are only two different types of enemy to blast, but you really don’t need any more than that. You can upgrade your health or damage at the end of each level as you level up, but it’s really all about fast reflexes and player skill.

It really does feel like the FPS equivalent of Geometry Wars – a fast paced shooter that distills the FPS down to purest form as you run, dodge and shoot your way through increasingly challenging levels. The way enemies explode into a shower of red data is very satisfying and the feeling of panic you get when you drop into an area surrounded by enemies is very much like when a mass of enemies spawn around you in Geometry Wars. A super slick and super cool slice of first person shooting we highly recommend checking out.

Check Out a nullpointer Gameplay Video Here

Download nullpointer Here (Win, Mac & Linux)