Number 94 – Game Jam Build Download

Number 94 is a surreal little puzzle adventure where things appear, disappear or move when you press a button.

Created for the Haunted PS1 Wretched Weekend by Dan Sanderson (creator of Pacific, Homage to the Dead and First Winter) Number 94 is a very inventive little experimental puzzle adventure where pressing a button can have a variety of different effects. You need to figure out what the button does and how to use it to help you move on to the next area.

The current build of Number 94 only takes around five minutes to play through, but it’s a lot of fun and has some very creative puzzle design. You wouldn’t call it scary, but the glitchy retro styled visuals and atmospheric audio make for a creepy and unsettling experience. Hopefully the developer continues to build on this as it shows a lot of promise.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Number 94 Here (Windows)