NUTS – Alpha Demo

NUTS is a fun and very stylish wildlife surveillance adventure where you use cameras to spy on squirrels to discover what the secretive little creatures are hiding.

In NUTS you take on the role of a rookie field researcher who has been tasked with running a surveillance operation on the local squirrel population. You have a little base of operations where you can sleep, review tape, print screenshots, chat to your boss on the phone and use the fax machine. It’s also where you collect your video cameras that you’ll use to spy on the squirrels.

The current build of NUTS features the first two missions in the game, which sees you placing cameras around areas where you suspect there is squirrel activity then going back to your base to review the footage. Your aim is to find out where each squirrel is travelling to each night. You only have two cameras so you can’t capture their whole route in one night, but squirrels take the same route each day, so if you go out each day and move the cameras along their path then you’ll be able to identify their destination.

It’s a fun game with a charming premise and a very unique art style. The camera-placing surveillance mechanics are simple, effective and easy to learn and the gameplay is very fast paced. There’s also a hint at the end of the demo that those squirrels are up to a lot more than stashing nuts! It’ll be interesting to see what they’re really up to in the full game.

Download The NUTS Alpha demo Here (Steam)