NUWIEL – Game Jam Build

NUWIEL is a fast paced little spelunking metroidvania shoot ‘em up where you navigate a labyrinthine cave system and collect parts for your ship after crash-landing on an alien planet.

Your ship is critically damaged during an asteroid mining job and you crash land on an alien planet. After being fixed up by a mysterious stranger you then set out into the underground cave system in search of parts to repair your ship. Each part you find upgrades your ship and (usually) allows you access to a new area, but you have to be careful – the caves are full of alien monsters and traps that will destroy what little remains of your precious ship.

Taking around 10 minutes to play through It’s a short, simple and well crafted metroidvania adventure, with responsive controls, a nice selection of upgrades to collect and some challenging areas to navigate. A great little bite-sized metroidvania shoot ‘em up well worth checking out.

Download NUWIEL Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)