NVIDIA Canvas – Beta Download

NVIDIA Canvas isn’t a game but it is a remarkable experience nonetheless, with it using your RTX GPU powered machine learning to turn your crude sketches into photorealistic masterpieces.

Running on all NVIDIA RTX graphics cards, NVIDIA Canvas is a painting program that turns your crude child-like sketches into photorealistic landscapes. At present it only works on landscapes (so no portraits) but there are ten different palette settings for different types of landscapes.

To create your masterpiece you simply select the type of object you’d like to paint (sky, sand, rocks, sea, etc.) then you paint it onto the canvas on the left side of the screen. Whatever you paint on the left side of the screen it then miraculously mirrored on the right side of the screen, but recreated as a photorealistic scene powered by machine learning magic.

It’s a remarkable experience that allows you to unleash your inner Bob Ross and turn your hasty scribbles into scenic masterpieces. It’s amazing how well it works and you can even get a little crazy and surreal once you get the hang of things. Highly recommended.

Download NVIDIA Canvas Here (NVIDIA RTX Graphics Cards Only)