NYKRA – Alpha Demo

NYKRA is a beautiful, open world puzzle action platforming adventure with metroidvania elements in which you explore a mysterious land, filled with ancient ruins and a strange darkness that’s infecting it.

In NYKRA you take on the role of Keu, a seemingly very important being who has been brought to life by Nea, a powerful being that is ‘One of the Seven’. Keu knows nothing about who she is, the world she’s been brought into or why she is such an important part of it, but she’ll come across helpful strangers and fragments of information that may shed some light on the situation (although whether you trust the strangers is another matter).

The current demo build of NYKRA offers up around half an hour’s worth of gameplay and gives a great taster of things to come in Keu’s adventure. It combines platforming, puzzle solving, combat and open world metroidvania elements as Keu takes her first steps in the NYKRAS’s beautiful pixel art game world. There’s a nice variety of gameplay and lots to discover as you explore the ancient ruins, discover more about the darkness that’s infecting them. All the while there’s a Fez-like air of mystery about the world – as if there’s something just below the surface that you’re not quite seeing.

It’s a fantastic start to what promises to be an epic adventure, with a great mixture of puzzles, platforming and combat, high quality pixel art animation, an interesting game world and a very intriguing narrative. Highly recommended.

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Download The NKYRA Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Mac)