Nykrig – Prototype Download

Nykrig game

Nykrig is essentially Geometry Wars for masochists, in which you attempt to fend off a multitude of deadly shapes in an oppressive darkness, while accompanied by a deliberately unsettling electronic soundtrack.

In Nykrig you have a light beam that illuminates a small radius in-front of you and the ability to fire bullets that can also be used to light your way (as well as being used for blasting enemies). The majority of the enemies are hidden in the darkness, so you have to constantly make sweeps with your light beam to spot them before they creep up on you.  Once killed, these enemies will leave a splatter of light that permanently light up small areas, helping you build a small network of light and helping you spot enemies earlier.

There are two main game modes (not including the multiplayer variants), a campaign mode and an endless mode. The campaign mode is short and interesting, but a bit easy, endless mode however is where the real fun (or pain) lies in the game – a super tough and frantic fight for your life against an ever increasing mass of enemies in the darkness.

You’ll do well to last more than a few minutes in Nykrig’s Endless Mode, and all the while the audio, constant enemy attacks and the oppressive darkness really help to bring your anxiety levels up. While other shooters may wow you with bright lights and dazzling special effects, Nykrig is not a nice place to be – it feels like you’re constantly being smothered by enemies and the claustrophobic darkness. An interesting and unique take on the twin stick shooter genre that’s well worth checking out (though not if you’re prone to anxiety attacks!)

Download or Play The Nykrig Prototype Here (Win, Mac & Browser)