O.R.B. (Offensive Rolling Bot) – Alpha Demo

O.R.B. (Offensive Rolling Bot) is a challenging 2D run n’ gun precision platformer where you can transform into a Metroid-esque ball to help you traverse obstacles.

In O.R.B. you control a nimble little robot who is armed with two different types of guns and the ability to transform into a bouncing metal ball that can move faster and jump higher than your normal form. You’re on a mission to stop a genocidal AI from wiping out the entire human race and must overcome challenging obstacles, blast enemy bots and battle powerful bosses to do so.

The current Alpha demo build of O.R.B. features one large level that takes around 15 minutes to play through, culminating with a boss fight. Aside from the boss fight (which seems a little unfair), it’s a very impressive action platforming experience. There’s a nice mixture of combat and precision platforming, the controls are very responsive, the level design is excellent and your ability to instantly transform into your ball form really comes in handy.

Even in these early stages of development O.R.B. is a very accomplished action platformer. The pixel art animation is excellent, the platforming physics feel great and both forms of your little robot character are fun to use. Well worth taking for a spin.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The O.R.B. (Offensive Rolling Bot) Alpha Demo Here (Windows)