Obelisk – Student Game Download


Obelisk is an innovative puzzle platformer from students of the DigiPen Institute in which you simultaneously control a character stuck in the shadow world and a fairy who acts as a light source (therefore controlling the shadows).

Awakening as a shadow of your former self (literally), with no memory and only able to interact with shadows, you must guide your character through five stages to collect soul fragments to make him whole again.  Aiding you in this journey is a fairy who controls a light source, with you able to move her with the right analogue stick and cast shadows in different directions.

Taking around 10 minutes to complete, controlling both characters independently takes a little getting used to, but it helps create a beautiful and unique gameplay experience as you traverse the levels and rebuild your soul.  We’d love to see this shadowy platformer expanded on, as it feels like the foundations of an excellent game.

Download Obelisk HERE (Control Pad Recommended)