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Stepping over the charred corpse of one of my bunny comrades, I edge closer to my goal – the massive monkey-headed death machine in the centre of the map.

I’ve been a good bunny so far and obeyed all it’s requests – wearing my collar, picking up and dropping off supplies, and even ratting out a few of the other bunnies who were disobeying the almighty overlord.  But now… I want a piece of the action.  While avoiding the overlords gaze I slip off my collar and disappear into the bushes, biding my time and creeping forward while the gun turret is looking the other way.

With no more cover left, I make a break for the open doors of the robotic monkey death machine, but with just a few feet to go, one of my ‘comrades’ squeals on me, alerting the overlord of my attempt at subversion.  My comrade receives a large cash bonus for his deeds, while I’m treated to a helping of bullets, fired at high speed into my now twitching corpse for mine.  Returning to the battlefield I vow to be a good little bunny and respect my overlord, for now anyway…

Obey is a very impressive asymmetric multiplayer game of stealth, subversion, coercion and fragile allegiances, where winning means bribing and manipulating your opponents into helping you win.  Any bunny that makes it through the doorway of the giant monkey robot in the centre of the map will subvert the old ruler and become the new overlord, with an ability to issue orders and lay waste to any who disobey you.

A good ruler will not just eviscerate all his followers though, as you need to coerce them into bringing you supplies to keep the robot going.  Treat your subjects with respect and pay them well and they may not be so keen to overthrow you, after all the winner of Obey is the one with the most money, not necessarily the one who’s been the overlord for the longest.  This clever interplay makes for a truly unique multiplayer experience, feeling like a bizarre social experiment at times, with alliances forged and broken in a heartbeat.  You don’t have to be the bravest or the biggest bunny to win in Obey, just the smartest.

We have 20 Alpha Keys to Giveaway!  Simply enter via the widget below.  The 20 winners will be notified via e-mail.

UPDATE: Giveaway finished. Better luck next time!

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