Obscurity – Student Project Game Download

Obscurity is a tense first person horror adventure that sees you exploring a mysterious underground cavern system that’s protected by a particularly nasty monster.

In Obscurity you control an unnamed protagonist who wakes up in a forest and then starts searching a nearby cave system. Why you’d voluntarily go from the green and sunny woodland to a dank, gloomy and dangerous cavern system isn’t explained (maybe you’re a spelunker), but it makes for a fun adventure anyway!

Exploring the labyrinthine cave system in Obscurity throws up some very cool, surprises and some great scares. Unfortunately once you get down into the area where you can die the game gets pretty tough. This isn’t a problem on its own, but the fact that Obscurity doesn’t have a checkpoint system means that if you get caught you’re sent right back to the start – which can be a little infuriating.

The lack of a checkpoint system is a shame as the world design, atmosphere and exploration elements of Obscurity are all excellent and the monster is particularly scary. It’s a very promising first person horror that has a nice selection of scripted and unscripted scares, as well as an intriguing game world that really makes you want to delve deeper into its mysterious caverns. A well crafted creepy cavern adventure that just needs a few checkpoints.

Download Obscurity Here (Windows)