Observer: System Error – Beta Demo

Observer: System Error is a remastered definitive edition of the 2017 Observer cyberpunk horror game, starring Rutger Hauer as a neural police detective who hacks into dying peoples minds.

In Observer: System Error you follow the story of a neural police detective as he hunts down an elusive killer in a dystopian cyberpunk city. To aid your investigation you also have the ability to use a couple of Batman Detective Mode-eque vision filters and you also have a device called a “Dream Eater” that you can use to hack into the minds of the dead and dying to relive their final moments – which is when things REALLY start to get weird!

Observer: System Error is more than just a simple remaster of the 2017 game. It looks absolutely incredible thanks to its upgraded textures, new animations, HDR lighting, 4K resolution and Ray-Tracing. It also has three new side-cases, new neural interrogations, more secrets, redesigned stealth mechanics and a variety of quality of life improvements.

The original Observer was a great game, but Observer: System Error is on a whole new level. It looks like a next gen game and fully immerses you in its dystopian cyberpunk nightmare. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Observer: System Error Beta Demo Here (Steam)

Special thanks to Ruxunator for the heads up about this Beta!