Obsolete: After the Accident – Alpha Demo

Obsolete: After the Accident is a creepy Five Nights at Freddy’s fan game that sees you carrying out specific tasks to avoid the deadly animatronics in a trap-filled facility.

In Obsolete: After the Accident you take on the role of a girl who is struggling to deal with a trauma she suffered 11 years ago. What better way to deal with your trauma than to navigate a creepy facility filled with traps and homicidal robots?

The current build of Obsolete: After the Accident features the first of three planned acts and sees you following the instructions of the helpful (bud deadly) Aunty – a huge ant animatronic. The main gameplay will be familiar to FNaF fans – with you trapped in a room and having to perform certain tasks at certain times to avoid a premature death at the hands of the animatronics – and you also have to play a tricky little platforming game whilst doing it.

It’s still early in development and isn’t quite as ‘jump scary’ as the the FNaF games (yet), but the audio and visual design is excellent and the inclusion of a 2D platforming minigame in the mix is a novel touch. Well worth checking out for a slice of freaky animatronic horror.

Download The Obsolete: After the Accident Alpha Demo Here (Windows)