Occult Case Files – Alpha Demo

Occult Case Files is an 8-bit styled point and click horror adventure where an amateur investigator explores paranormal activity in creepy locations

Currently in development by Teebowah Games, creator of The Third Shift, Occult Case Files is an 8-bit styled point and click horror adventure inspired by NES classics such as Deja-Vu, Shadowgate and Uninvited. In the game, you and your friend are amateur occult investigators, but something has gone wrong.

Your friend went off investigating a phenomenon called “The Vanishing Point”, which is said to make people disappear into thin air. Unfortunately now your friend has disappeared. You now go in search of him in his last known location – a creepy old abandoned house where a family went missing.

The current build of Occult Case Files features the first case of the game and sees you investigating the Vanishing Point house. It plays similarly to a traditional point and click adventure, with you searching for useful objects and using them to solve puzzles (and avoid an untimely death).

It’s a very promising game, with a nice mixture of puzzles and creepy occurrences. The pixel art animation is excellent, the retro chiptune soundtrack is superb and there are plenty of nasty ways to die if you’re not too careful! See if you can survive the first case of Occult Case Files!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Occult Case Files Alpha Demo Here (Windows)