Occupy White Walls – Beta Download

Occupy White Walls is a massively multiplayer art museum simulation with RPG elements, in which you build and furnish your own personal art gallery with real life pieces of art and make cash from everyone that visits.

In Occupy White Walls you are given a virtual space and freedom to place walls, ceilings, floors, structures and artworks wherever you like. Once you get to grips with the basics, the process of building your own museum is surprisingly easy and you can knock together a decent looking gallery in under half an hour.

However, do you really just want a ‘decent’ gallery to show off all those fantastic works of art? Or do you want to create an environment that really does them justice? Occupy White Walls has you covered. Your choice of building materials and artworks is limited initially, but as you progress you unlock new structures, materials and types of art that will allow you to create the gallery of your dreams.

The construction possibilities really are endless and to demonstrate how endless they are you can visit other player’s galleries to see their handiwork. There are some incredible creations out there that not only showcase the art beautifully, but the owner’s creativity and eye for pleasing architecture. Galleries can be opened for half an hour at a time and earn cash from visitors (which can be AI or human), with the owner then being able to use that cash to buy new art and structures for their gallery.

It’s easy to focus on the art when visiting an art museum, but the environment you view the art in has a big impact on your appreciation for each piece. Occupy White Walls is a celebration of those spaces and the creativity of all the players that build them. A very impressive massively multiplayer experience that turns the displaying of art into an artform.

Download The Occupy White Walls Beta Here (Steam)

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  1. This is the best new MMO of 2018 for me. Been playing in their alpha since February and with the recent Steam early release it’s gotten so much better. This is one of the few multiplayer games that feels relaxing to play instead of tense and on edge. I can’t wait to see where the developers take it from here.

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