Odd Waters – Student Game

Odd Waters is an inventive seafaring puzzler where you use clues from different islands to help you navigate treacherous seas in search of a missing explorer.

Created by students at Cnam-Enjmin, Odd Waters is a very unique and well crafted little seafaring adventure where you solve puzzles to help you find the way to your next destinations in your search for a missing explorer. The game is mostly played out via a map screen where you can scan the horizon, examine clues and plot your course through the treacherous waters.

You’re tracing the journey of an explorer called Anna Creesy, whose ship went missing while sailing through uncharted waters. When you reach an island that was on her route then you chat to one of the local inhabitants who will tell you some useful information and hand you on object that can be used to reach the next island. The objects you’re given are all very different and you need to figure them out and alter your navigation methods accordingly to reach your destination.

Taking around 15 minutes to play through, Odd Waters is a fantastic little adventure with some very cleverly designed puzzles, great artwork and an eclectic selection of island inhabitants to meet. It’s a delight unravelling the mysteries of the strange seas you’re sailing and it has a meaningful message at the end too. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Odd Waters Here (Windows)