ODDADA – Beta Demo

ODDADA is a delightfully odd music making game where you use a variety of toys and gadgets to craft your own little music tracks.

In ODDADA you will make music in a charmingly playful and very unconventional way. You drive a little toy train between a series of different little toys/gadgets, each of which you can play around with to create different tracks/samples that are added to the train. Each of these tracks can be combined and switched on and off to create your own little song which you record to a custom cassette tape. There are no real objectives or goals – you just play around and create music.

It’s a fantastic game that allows you to unleash a little musical creativity and (often accidentally) create cool little tunes. The playful nature of the game is an absolute joy and make you wish there were real physical versions of the toys to play around with. Highly recommended.

Download The ODDADA Beta Demo Here (Steam)