Oddventure – Alpha Demo

Oddventure is a Mother inspired JRPG adventure that tells the touching tale of a rebellious teenage girl and her troublesome brother, in a land based on the Grimm Bothere’s fairy tales.

In Oddventure you follow the story of Charlie, a teenage girl who has some anger issues – mainly stemming from the fact that she lost her mother when her brother was born. She now finds herself lost in the mysterious fantasy kingdom of Luxia – a strange place based on the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales. Her brother is in there somewhere too and she needs to find him and escape.

The combat in Oddventure is much like a traditional JRPG, with you having multiple party members and using their attacks and skills. Much like Undertale, there are different ways to win a battle though – you can manipulate the mood of your enemies rather than fight them. You can be kind or mean (in battle and while making important decisions) and the choices you make will alter how the story plays out and the ending you get.

The demo build of Oddventure features a sizeable chink of gameplay and really impresses with its beautiful pixel art animation, interesting lore and fun collection of oddball characters. The story is also very intriguing and we can all relate to being annoyed at family members now and again. An odd addventure well worth embarking on.

Download The Oddventure Alpha Demo Here (Steam)