Ode to a Moon – Beta Demo

Ode to a Moon is a deeply atmospheric VHS-styled cosmic horror thriller where a town descends into madness following a fall festival during a centennial lunar eclipse.

In Ode to a Moon you take on the role of a photo-journalist in the 1980’s who is covering a historic fall festival in a rural town. However, the festival coincides with a lunar eclipse, which warps the landscape and plunges the idyllic rural town into madness.

The gameplay in Ode to a Moon is quite similar to Variable State’s underrated surreal masterpiece Virginia, with sudden transitions between scenes and you piecing the narrative together via environmental clues. There are no jump scares, but there’s a deep sense of dread and a feeling that something is going horribly wrong.

The current build of you Ode to a Moon features around 15 minutes of gameplay and sees you travelling from your apartment to the town, then exploring the surrounding area. Things start off fairly normally, but once you reach the town things soon get pretty weird as you flip between the normal world and a surreal, twisted cosmic horror version of it.

It’s a very impressive game with a great sense of atmosphere and a very cool neon-filled 80’s visual style. It feels like you’ve stepped into an obscure VHS Sci-Fi horror movie and you’re not sure if you’ll ever be able to escape. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Ode to a Moon Beta Demo Here (Steam)