ODR-SCP860 – Prototype Download

ODR-SCP860 is an SCP based horror game about SCP-860 – a little harmless looking blue key that takes you to a freaky forest!

In ODR-SCP860 you step into the shoes of a young man who is about to have a very bad day. After finding that he’s locked in his bedroom he searches around for his keys but they’re nowhere to be seen. All he can find is a strange little blue key and when he tries it in his door, it miraculously works. However, that little blue key was SCP-860 – an SCP phenomenon that opens up a doorway to a strange and deadly forest when used…

The current build of ODR-SCP860 was created in just one day so it’s a little short and has a few minor bugs, but it’s a great little game with an unsettling atmosphere and a terrifying monster. The dev plans to add much more to the game, including more narrative, weapons, better voice acting and more endings, but even as it stands it’s a short and intense little horror game well worth checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download ODR-SCP860 Prototype Here (Windows)