Of Guards And Thieves – Early Access Key Giveaway (Steam)

Of Guards and Thieves

Of Guards And Thieves is a great asymmetric multiplayer stealth action game we first covered last year, in which stealthy thieves face off against powerful guards across a variety of game modes.

The main gameplay mode in the game is ‘Guards and Thieves’ in which Guards have to guard a variety of objects scattered across the map, with only one being the real target for the thieves. The guards don’t know which one the real target is though, so either have to guard all of them, or try and figure out which one the thieves are after. Guards win if they protect the object for the duration of the match and the thieves win if they escape with it.

Guards can’t see in the Dark, so must use their flashlight and other light sources to see.  In contrast, the Thieves night vision goggles give them perfect vision in the darkness, so can use the shadows to their advantage.  Thieves do have some weaponry, but can’t match the guards in a straight-up fight, so they must try to elude detection whenever possible.  It’s like a big game of hide-and seek, but with knives, assault rifles, upgrades, perks and XP.

There’s a wide array of gameplay modes to play around with, such as bomb difusal, instagib, V.I.P escort, zombie rush, mad ball, soccer and the recently released sandbox survival mode.  The devs also plan to add a wide variety of improvements to the already excellent multiplayer action, with new character classes, more equipment, a single player campaign, co-op modes, animals, vehicles, crafting, building and a host of new gameplay modes.

It’s an ambitious game that continues to surprise with it’s variety and innovation.  The stealth based gameplay works wonderfully, stealth games are usually solitary experiences, but Of Guards And Thieves proves that it’s far more fun against human opponents.  Superb hide-and-sneaky stuff.

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