Off Grid – Kickstarter Demo

Off Grid takes you on an stealth hacking adventure that explores data privacy and mass surveillance, where data is your most powerful weapon you as you search for your missing daughter.

Your daughter was a hacker – and recently her group has been raided and she is nowhere to be found. Unsure of what most of this technology, you have embarked on an adventure to figure out what your daughter was really doing in her spare time and what happened to her.

Using your Smart Glasses, you are able to implement the Spectrum app, which allows you to see data on networks around the world. Basically, these glasses overlay a series of networks around the rooms you are looking in, allowing you to see in more detail what is connected to what. From there, you can see data on not only items, but also various individuals. You can use this to send messages to people or push their personal data somewhere more public and see what happens.

Various electrical items and appliances can also be controlled or edited using your glasses. As long as these items are on an internet connection – and most are in this day and age – you are able to mess with their settings or grab information with them. With

With these various options, you will still need to be stealthy and work your way through various government buildings, hoping to find the exact information you need. As you get better at technology and discover more, more options will unlock until you are not quite the technophobic dad you once were. Hopefully, along the way, you can also find your daughter!

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