Off the Clock – Game Jam Build Download

Off the Clock is a funny and beautifully drawn point and click adventure which follows a rather unpopular alien engineer who freezes time and attempts to save his planet from a nuclear missile attack.

Created for the AdventureX game jam, Off the Clock is a delightful little point and click adventure where you use a machine that can freeze time to help stave off the imminent destruction of your planet. You take on the role of a hard-working, but downtrodden and unpopular engineer who has yet again not been invited to the yearly Peace Day party (in fact he’s been actively told to stay away from it). However, after fiddling around with a machine he’s been working on he’s managed to freeze time and when he goes to look outside it’s apparent that his planet is about to be hit by a massive missile. Time to save the day!

Off the Clock really does have everything you want from a good old fashioned point and click adventure – clever puzzles, beautiful artwork and a great sense of humor. Your poor downtrodden engineer is very likeable and it’s great fun messing with his obnoxious colleagues while time is frozen. The time freezing (and unfreezing) is used in some very clever ways throughout the game’s (roughly) 30 minute play time and it even manages to squeeze in a little extraterrestrial nudity for good measure. A delightful time-stopping adventure well worth making time for.

Download Off the Clock Here (Windows)