OFF YOU GO – Pre-Alpha Download

OFF YOU GO is a simple and stylish reflex testing stacking game that sees you attempting to stack blocks as perfectly as possible, with any overhanging sections being trimmed off each time, making your job more difficult with each little error.

Playable in 2D or 3D, in OFF YOU GO your aim is to build your tower as high as possible. You do this by simply clicking the moving block piece as it is over the tower, at which point it will drop and attach itself to the structure. Ideally you want the block to land perfectly on top of the previous section, but if there any errors that produce an overhang then the overhang will be removed and the size of the blocks you drop will be reduced similarly. Eventually you’re left with a tiny block that leaves very little margin for error and if you totally miss the top of the tower then it’s game over.

It’s a simple but clever concept that effectively compounds your mistakes, with each slight error you make reducing your building block size more and more. It punishes you for every mistake, as you slowly degenerate from dropping large slabs to precision drops of tiny wafer-thin sections. An addictive reflex testing game that stacks up very well indeed!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download the OFF YOU GO Pre-Alpha Build Here (Windows & Android)

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