Office Intruders – Game Jam Build

Sometimes, you just have to fire someone. In Office Intruders, you need to fire the intruder who should not currently be inside the office. How would you figure that out? Well by doing basic tasks and trying to see which of the people aren’t able to carry them out properly.

On one screen, you can see each office block of your employees. It’s your job to figure out which ones need to be fired until there is only one left. A humorous narrator speaks to you on each screen, letting you know what test you are running so that you can figure out who to fire.

As an owner of the company, you want all your employees to be able to do basic tasks. If for whatever reason they cannot, then you must let them go. These tasks can seem a little unfair, like firing employees because they don’t have a door on their room or because they are unable to push a button as the button was installed incorrectly.

The narrator who has given you these instructions in Office Intruders also comments on the unfairness of being fired, but something does feel fun about deciding who needs to go. Once you have eliminated someone, their window within the screen goes away. This continues until there is only one left. You do have a timer when it comes to making your decision – and if you fail to make one before the timer runs out, you’ll need to restart the entire day.

It’s a fun little game with a great sense of humor and a quirky concept. Who’d of thought that firing people could be so much fun?

You can download Office Intruders Here (Win, Mac, and Linux)