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oh you monster download

Oh You Monster!, a very funny dating simulator made for the Ludum dare 33, has you attempting to help a cardboard box with a monstrous personality a to find love while at a speed dating event.

You are Carl Boardbox, the cardboard box. Currently, you are single and are looking at speed dating as a way to find someone to be with. The only issue is your personality. Sometimes, you can be quite rude… well to be honest, most of the time you are very rude.  While this can cause some laugh out loud moment in the game, female cardboard boxes who are looking for possible lovers do not want a rude, monstrous box to be their love.

So, you must attempt to hide your horrible attitude for the short time that you speed date! During each date, a box will come up to your table. You then get a couple of options on what to say – however only one or two words of the whole sentence are shown. The first time you play this game, you are going to have to discover what some of these phrases mean. For example, choosing “fragile” will send you on a pick up line about handling a box with care. If you make a good enough impression, or if someone feels bad for you, then you might get to go on a second date.

Can you help Carl find a date? Or will his true personality ruin everything?

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Play or Download Oh You Monster! Here (Win, Linux & Browser)