OIC: Obviously Inappropriate Content – Beta Demo

OIC: Obviously Inappropriate Content draws inspiration from Metal Slug and Papers, Please to deliver a fun blend of run n’ gun combat and Eastern Bloc governmental censorship as you beta test new builds of a game in development.

In OIC: Obviously Inappropriate Content you take on the role of a new Beta tester for a company that’s developing a Metal Slug-esque run n’ gun shooter. The game they’re creating is brutal, blood splattered and a lot of fun, but also has a few bugs. While playing the game you have to take screenshots of any glitches and report them to the programmers so they can fix them. During your working day you can also read the news, check emails and chat to colleagues in a instant messaging app.

Spotting the bugs isn’t too tough, but your game dev company is situated in a fictional Soviet country that’s ruled by a Supreme Leader who has his own ideas about what’s appropriate for video game content. The current demo build of OIC: Obviously Inappropriate Content sees you searching the game for any mention of the work “F*ck” and reporting it to the developers so they can censor it. The developer can get pretty upset about the censorship as it’s disrupting his creative vision and increases the development costs, but you don’t want to upset your Supreme Leader!

The current build of OIC: Obviously Inappropriate Content features around 30 minutes of gameplay and really impresses with its satirical swipe at Eastern Bloc censorship and the intricacies of game development. The actual run n’ gun video game “Ural Death Machine” is a whole lot of fun to play too, though maybe it won’t be quite as much fun once the government has finished censoring it!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The OIC: Obviously Inappropriate Content Beta Demo Here (Windows)