Old Fashioned Beast Hunter – Game Jam Build Download


Old Fashioned Beast Hunter is a super tough hunting game that makes firing a gun a remarkably tricky experience.

Featuring a charming pixel art visual style and high stakes instant death gameplay, you set out across the land hunting beasts.  These beast are deadly, so you’re best sneaking up behind them and timing your shots perfectly – one missed shot can mean the difference between life and death.

What makes the hunting so tough is the way you fire and reload your gun – press the fire button and timing bar will appear, time your shot right and you’ll blast the beast to pieces, get it wrong and you’re toast.  Reloading requires you to tap the arrow keys as fast as possible and takes valuable time (which is of the essence when a blood hungry beast is charging at you).  You’d better be quick and precise if you don’t want to end up as a bloodstain on the floor in Old Fashioned Beast Hunter!

Download or Play Old Fashioned Beast Hunter HERE (Win, Mac, Linux & Browser)