Old School Rally – Beta Demo

Old School Rally is a good old fashioned Colin McRae Rally style arcade racing game, complete with crunchy retro visuals and moderately legally distinct classic rally vehicles.

The rally racing gameplay in Old School Rally is very much like 90s classics Sega Rally, Colin McRae Rally and V-Rally. The demo features three drivable vehicles, and three tracks (Australia, Finland and Sweden) playable in Time Trial mode.

The handling is a little on the slippery side at the moment, and it requires a little finesse to take corners (so more like McRae than Sega Rally). The visual and audio design is excellent, delivering a very fresh looking retro style, and the three different tracks do a great job of showing off the various terrain you’ll be racing through. A great bit of old school rallying fun!

Download The Old School Rally Beta Demo Here (Steam)