Ollie’s Farm – Alpha Demo

Ollie’s Farm is a surreal PS1 styled horror game that draws inspiration from 90’s edutainment games and Silent Hill as you help a farmer with some farm-work.

Currently in development by Glory Meat (creator of Alleyway) Ollie’s Farm starts out with you gathering corn for a farmer in a cheerful looking and colorful farmland. However, it’s not long until you stumble into a nightmare of groaning steel and flesh, where the farmer is far from the cheerful chap he initially appeared to be.

The current build is lacking a little bit in narrative, but hopefully in the full game we’ll learn a little more about what’s going on in Ollie’s weird farm. It’s got a great sense of atmosphere and even in the cheery looking first setting there’s a real feeling that something sinister is just below the surface. A freaky little farmyard romp with a lot of promise.

Download The Ollie’s Farm Alpha Demo Here (Windows)