Omni – Game Jam Build Download


Omni is an ingenious 4th wall-breaking puzzle platformer in which you control Omni, a PC monk who uses the game window in some surprising ways and reveals the strange world hidden below your own desktop.

Your computer is under attack from a rogue program, and the charming little monk, Omni, assists you on a short quest to destroy it.  Omni has some impressive powers that will aid your adventure, all of which are tied to the actual game window – you can drag the window across the screen to uncover the world beneath it, and even use the minimise, maximise and escape icons come into play in surprising ways.

The final boss fight can be a little frustrating, but on the whole Omni is a blast – a unique, fun and quirky puzzle platformer with a great sense of humor and game mechanics that really do think outside the box (or outside the window).  A highly recommended little desktop adventure.

Notes: To end the game, type “end” on your keyboard, and to respawn type “restart”.  Remember maximising the window uses mana too!

Check Out A Gameplay Video Here

Download Omni Here