Omnibus – Alpha Demo


Omnibus is a chaotic driving game that puts you in control of unstoppable busses in a variety of bizarre scenarios – from guiding a giant firework through a field of pinball bumpers to skydiving through a skyscraper.

Featuring a charming Playstation 1 era graphical style and a wacky sense of humor, Omnibus is a fun game that revels in its chaos and destruction.  Your vehicle is unable to stop and gradually increases speed over time, which makes for some very tricky manoeuvring as you try and avoid obstacles.  The busses are pretty indestructible, but they are very easy to roll (especially at high speeds), and if you end up on your roof your four wheeled rampage will be over.

The Omnibus Alpha Demo is a blast to play and offers up a great selection of vehicles and gameplay modes across five different levels, all with unique objectives but all with one unifying theme – super silly bus driving mayhem!

Check Out a Playthrough HERE

Download The Omnibus Alpha Demo HERE (Windows Only)