On Leaving the Building – Game Jam Build Download

On Leaving The Building, a point and click adventure game made for the $101 Adventure Challenge, has you acting out the final moments of Elvis Presley’s life and finding out what really happened!

In On Leaving The Building you are the King of Rock, Elvis Presley! You may think you know how Elvis Presley spent his final day on Earth, but in this game, there seems to be some other plan going on. It seems Elvis has become weary of the way his life is going and wants to move on. You need to follow 6 tasks given to you on a piece of paper, in the correct order, before someone comes and gets you. These steps are curious things – change your appearance, say goodbye, gather the things you love… all of which feel quite final as you are doing them.

On Leaving The Building has a some wonderful cutscenes, tricky puzzles, a fun sense of humor and great retro pixel art that make for a thoroughly enjoyable Elvis-themed point and click adventure. A charming little game that lets you spend a final day with a rock n’ roll legend.

Download On Leaving the Build Here (Windows)