On The Fly – Game Jam Build

On The Fly is a beautiful little endless runner/dating sim mash up that sees two birds floating down a stream in a teapot, eating bugs and discussing life, love and everything in between.

In On The Fly you take control of two little birds, a crow and a sparrow, as they sail a teapot down a stream attempting to eat the bugs as they fly by. It’s playable with one player, but it’s more fun if you invite someone else to join you for a romantic teapot ride. The WASD keys are used to control the sparrow while the arrow keys are used to control the crow and you can alternate between which one is steering the teapot or eating the bugs by pressing the spacebar.

You need to keep the birds happy by keeping them full of tasty bugs, but to really feel the love they need to chat to each other. Every now and then on your way down the stream the birds will stop and chat, posing questions such as “do my feathers make me look fat?”, “is Anime real?” or “tell me how much you love me?”. If you answer correctly (which usually requires picking the most positive sounding answer) the the love between the birds will grow. There’s no need to get too hung up on guessing the right answers though – the river is infinitely long, just enjoy the ride and the company.

On The Fly’s beautiful visuals, cooperative teapot riding and charming conversation makes for a wonderfully uplifting experience. You’ll fall in love with those two little birds as they fall in love with each other in this adorable infinite teapot ride. Highly recommended.

Download On The Fly Here (Windows)