Once Bitten, Twice dead! – Pre-Alpha Download

Once bitter twice dead gif

Once Bitten, Twice Dead! is a fun new DayZ-Style MMO FPS that allows up to 100 people to play together in a large open zombie-infested world.

Combining DayZ zombie survival gameplay with Minecraft-esque visuals, Once Bitten, Twice Dead! bears some similarities to Unturned.  Once Bitten, Twice Dead! feels more geared towards more pure FPS gameplay than the survival-focused Unturned though.

The full game will feature 15 unique characters to choose from, a variety of online and offline play modes, fifty weapons, 100 craftable items, Mod support, 50 different zombie skins and constant updates.

The current build is still very early in development, so isn’t fully featured, but it does offer up a nice selection of weapons, items and crafting options, five playable characters, a DayZ-style world mode and a multiplayer arena mode.  It’s a fun game, especially in multiplayer, perfect for bouts of undead low poly mayhem.

Check Out the Once Bitten, Twice Dead! Greenlight Page HERE

Check Out the Kickstarter & Download the Pre-Alpha Build HERE