Once Upon a Coma – Alpha Demo

Once Upon a Coma is a beautiful, dream-like puzzle action adventure from the creators of Pinstripe, in which you wake up from a coma to find your sister missing and all the adults have lost their minds.

In Once Upon a Coma you take on the role of Pete, a young boy who’s just woken from a coma to find a lot has changed in his absence. All the adults have disappeared from the town where you live, leaving the children behind to fend for themselves. Your sister has gone in search of the adults, but no-one has heard from her in a while.

The full game of Once Upon a Coma will see you searching for your sister, investigating the increasingly violent behaviour of the adults and attempting to discover the truth about what’s really going on in Pete’s world. The current demo build offers around 10 minutes of gameplay and helps set the scene for Pete’s upcoming adventure, with you waking from your coma, chatting to the local kids, doing a little puzzle solving and battling some nasty spiders.

Even in it’s current form, Once Upon a Coma is a spellbinding experience from start to finish. There’s a Tim Burton-esque dark fantasy feel to it – that’ll no doubt get a lot darker later on. The artwork, animation and sound design are all fantastic, creating a beautiful game world with a dreamy atmosphere. The oddball characters you meet are interesting, the puzzle design is great and the hack and slash combat using your little razor blade is fun too. A delightful, dreamlike fable with a touch of darkness that we highly recommend checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Once Upon a Coma Alpha Demo Here (Windows)