Once Upon a Möbius Strip – Game Jam Build Download

Once Upon a Möbius Strip is an excellent little Lucasarts inspired Game Boy styles point and click adventure where you try to reverse the effects of your Uncle turning your house into a Möbius Strip!

Created for the Black and White Jam, in Once Upon a Möbius Strip you follow the adventure of a young girl who is trying to go to the bathroom. Ordinarily this could be a simple task, but unfortunately due to a mishap with one of your uncle’s experiments your bedroom and the adjoining living room have been transformed into a Möbius Strip.

Möbius Strip-ification of your house means that the two rooms just loop and turn upside down when you wake through them. You’ll need to solve puzzles and search for a special gadget to revert your house to its original form. Your uncle isn’t much help either as he has inadvertently managed to turn himself into an eel!

It’s a clever little point and click adventure that has a great sense of humor and some very creative puzzle design that makes great use of the Möbius Strip and the retro Game Boy styled visuals. Highly recommended.

Download Once Upon a Möbius Strip Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)