One Dog Story – Alpha Demo

One Dog Story

One Dog Story, a game being created by Big Way Games, is a Cave Story-inspired 2D side-scroller full of pixelated gun fights, monstrous abominations and a mystery surrounding yourself in this hellish underground laboratory.

You awaken, dazed and confused by your surroundings. You have little to no recollection of where you are or how you even got here. You gather yourself, calm your nervous and slowly begin to venture out of the cold and lifeless steel room that you’ve just awoken in. To your surprise you have 5 different weapons on you, each with different functions and uses. The problem is you have no idea why you have them or as to why your captures left them on you in the first place. You exit the room with a sigh of relief, feeling happy to be out of that room and away from the others sleeping in their pods. As the light from the adjacent room hits your eyes you stand there, frozen in terror at the sight before you. You are not alone in this facility and the entities around you are not human either. You clutch your weapon, breath in deeply and prepare for the fight of your life!

One Dog Story features and action/adventure experience that draws on classics such as Cave Story, but feels fresh and new. The complex you’re in feels completely lifeless but the enemies that are trying to put you to sleep for good are grotesque and scary for a pixel game. It throws in small elements of RPG goodness by giving you the ability to upgrade each gun by finding the corresponding upgrade parts. Each guns ammo type can be upgraded a total of three times while the ammo capacity seems to be endless. The game is but but can feel a little unsettling, due to the fact that you have no clue as to why you’re in this place or who brought you here to begin with – making you want to destroy everything that moved without question or hesitation.

To sum up One Dog Story in a few words is very hard to do. It nails its genres on the head and gives you satisfaction, chills and mystery all wrapped up in an awesome drawn, pixelated setting that will leave you wanting more!

NOTE: There is a KickStarter Campaign for this game and we’d highly recommend you check out the page for more information on the game and their plans.

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Play the Alpha Demo of One Dog Story Here (Browser)