One Dreamer – Alpha Demo

One Dreamer game

One Dreamer is a staggeringly beautiful pixel art adventure game inspired by The Last of Us and Catherine, in which you play a game developer called Frank as he enters states of lucid dreaming in search for inspiration.

With gameplay taking place in real life and Frank’s twisted dreamworld, One Dreamer offers a beautiful and surreal experience in which you constantly question what’s real and what’s not.  When in a reality state, gameplay involves interacting with objects and solving puzzles, but when you’re in a dream state there are a variety of gameplay styles depending on the dream – including stealth, interactive cinematic sequences and platforming.

The Alpha Demo offers up an enticing introduction to One Dreamer with excellent visual and audio design, a variety of gameplay styles and an intriguing narrative.  It also ties in to the ongoing kickstarter very cleverly at the end.  We’d love to see the Kickstarter get funded, as it’s already a fantastic experience.  A beautiful pixel art fever dream that you won’t want to wake up from.

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Download The One Dreamer Alpha Demo HERE (Win & Mac)