One Dreamer – Beta Demo

One Dreamer is an inventive narrative-driven pixel art adventure where you reprogram the game world to “cheat” and solve puzzles.

Currently on Steam, One Dreamer: Prologue is essentially a half hour demo for the upcoming One Dreamer game and tells the story of a failed VR game developer who inadvertently inspired two young kids to follow his footsteps. It’s set in a glitchy 2.5D game world, which you can alter by using C# based psuedocode to reprogram certain objects. This starts off fairly simply by changing an elevator’s code from “enabled = false” to “enabled = true” to get it going, but gets a little more complex as the game goes on (though never overwhelming the player).

The actual way you select objects/people you want to interact with feels a little clunky at the moment but other than that it’s a very promising game. The 2.5D pixel artwork is fantastic, the voice acting is great tnd the narrative is interesting (if a little hard to follow). The ability to reprogram the game world is a great concept which allows for some very clever puzzle design and allows you to tinker with the code in fun little ways. There are also some great little touches – such as little gags hidden within the code, playing an annoying waifu arcade shoot ‘em up and being able to pet a dog (which is always nice). A cleverly crafted coding adventure well worth booting up.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download One Dreamer: Prologue Here