One-Eyed Likho – Alpha Demo

One-Eyed Likho is a surreal black and white horror game that draws inspiration from Slavic folklore as you burn stuff to find a mythical one-eyed creature.

In One-Eyed Likho you embark into a haunted realm in search of “One-Eyed Likho”, a creature that embodies bad fate and misfortune, with an aim of escaping your terrible fate. To aid your adventure you have a trusty box of matches, which not only come in handy for lighting the way, but also burning things that block your progress.

The story in the One-Eyed Likho demo is pretty strange and confusing, but that will hopefully get fleshed out a little in the full game. The black and white visual style is excellent though and helps build an eerie otherworldly atmosphere. The puzzles are also quite fun, especially if you love burning stuff down!

Check Out a One-Eyed Likho Gameplay Video Here

Download The One-Eyed Likho Alpha Demo Here (Steam)