One Final Breath – Alpha Demo

one final breath

When your daughter comes home from boarding school talking about her new friend Ava, you’re happy to hear your child is making friends. That is until you hear the unspeakable horrors that Ava endures, and you realize that your child may be in danger if she associates with Ava.

With that crisis seemingly averted, tranquility is not restored when you learn that children from the boarding school your daughter Carrie-Ann attends have been going missing. Following the investigations of the missing children, the school is closed down. However, now Carrie-Ann is restless, and wants to see her friend Ava. After running away from home, you’re tasked with finding her. Apparently, she wants to stay with Ava… At the school. So now you’re in this condemned school looking for your daughter, and you have no idea who or what Ava is, (she could be a ghost for all you know).

One Final Breath is a First-Person Horror game by Darkest Day Interactive planned for Oculus Rift support that has already been Greenlit on Steam. To say anymore about the game could spoil the fun, so you can get the demo on their kickstarter which has about a month to go to hit their small goal of $3,500 AUD.

NOTE: If you upload a vid to YouTube of a review or Let’s Play the devs will send you a game key for the full game upon release as a way of saying thank you.  More info HERE

Check Out the Kickstarter & Download the Alpha Demo HERE

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  1. This was a pretty intense demo! I’m really looking forward to the full game. It took me a little while to figure out where to go and what to do, but i managed! I made a video of the game play, and my experience playing it over at –

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