One Gogh – Game Jam Build Download


One Gogh is a beautiful and very challenging Van Gogh inspired game that takes the traditional tile sliding puzzler and adds a third dimension, which makes things a whole lots prettier and a whole lot trickier!

One Gogh is essentially a collection of 15-Puzzle style sliding puzzles where you attempt to slide blocks to recreate a scrambled picture. The big difference here though is that it One Gogh adds an extra dimension which makes the puzzles exponentially more challenging. It starts off fairly simply with the first two puzzles, but by the time you get to the third one things really get hard.

Ordinarily a super tough block sliding puzzler would infuriate players. But thankfully relaxing soundtrack and beautiful visual design does a lot to alleviate any frustration, making for a chilled out and fun little puzzler that’s a joy to play around with.

Play or Download One Gogh Here (Windows, Mac, Linux & Browser)