One More Second – Game Jam Build

One More Second is a hilarious little competitive local multiplayer QWOP-like where you flail your limbs to try and knock your partner out of the bed so that they have to deal with your crying baby!

In One More Second you face a question that all new parents face – who is going to get out of bed and tend to your crying infant in the middle of the night? While most couples solve this issue using a mixture of bargaining and emotional blackmail, One More Second opts for the most logical solution – first one off the bed deals with the kid!

Best played with control pads, you can wiggle your body around with the left thumb stick and move your limbs around with the right thumb stick, with you using the face buttons to choose which limb you want to move. The QWOP-like controls are deliberately clumsy, but you can get some pretty good hits in and you can even let rip with a massive fart after your fart-meter has built up a bit.

It’s a simple, but fun little game with a very funny premise and some delightfully silly QWOP-like bed combat. Most fighting games are about competing for wealth, honor and glory, but to a new parent there’s nothing more valuable than a little extra sleep!

Note: One More Second requires 2 control pads to play

Download One More Second Here (Windows)