One Night Stand – Game Jam Build Download

One Night Stand

One Night Stand, a visual novel made for the NaNoRenO, has you dealing with the consequences of a one night stand you can’t remember anything about.

After a night of too many drinks, you wake up in a strange room, unable to recall what happened the night before. All you know is that your phone is ringing, you feel pretty rough, and you are in a strange place. As it turns out, your friend Gary is mad that you didn’t come back last night after going to the bar to get drinks for your friends.

Now you are in bed with a girl, and must decided what to do. Since you have no memory of the night before, you can stick around and try to figure out what happened or just leave without facing the person you ended up sleeping with.  If you do decide to stay around, you can investigate this girl’s room for clues as to what happened and who she is or just collect your things before you go.

There are many ways this can play out – will you make your excuses and leave or will you stick around for a while?

Download One Night Stand Here (Win, Mac, & Linux)