One By One – Game Jam Build Download

one by one

One by One is a unique turn-based hack-and-slash boss-fighting game, where you record your character movements separately, then watch them play out at once.

Created for the 2015 Global Game Jam, One by One takes place on one screen, with a boss in the centre.  Each round starts with the boss recording his attack pattern – you then have to plan and record your attacks accordingly, making sure to avoid the attacks and time your strikes.

You control three different characters – a knight, wizard and a blocker, you record each ones movements individually then watch as the whole thing plays out as all the recordings are played at the same time.  Slay the boss, and you’ll go into fight his identical brothers, but with an altered (and trickier) attack pattern.

It’s a great concept, well executed, with you effectively playing co-op alongside yourself.  Things get a bit more complex later on so you’ll have to work well together (with yourself) if you’re going to conquer this dungeon!

Download One By One HERE