One Piece Burning Blood – Beta Demo (PS4 & Xbox One)

One Piece Burning Blood download

One Piece Burning Blood is a great looking new fighting game from BANDAI NAMCO, based on the popular Anime series that features spectacular 1-on-1 combat with 40 playable characters and 65 support characters from the One Piece universe.

The amount of fan service in One Piece Burning Blood is impressive, with each character perfectly recreated, complete with their fantastically over the top special moves. The Beta Demo features four playable characters – (Franky, Aokiji, Ace and Luffy) and one stage to do battle on (Dressrosa Corrida Coliseum). It may not be as serious or as balanced as the likes of Street Fighter V, but it is great fun, with fast paced spectacle-filled combat that’s a feast for the eyes, and it’s great fun playing around with your favorite characters from the series.

The Beta Demo is available now via the respective stores for PS4 and Xbox One in Europe and North America, so everybody can now sample some One Piece Burning Blood’s crazy combat.

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