One S’More – Beta Demo

One S’More is a wonderfully wholesome and creative puzzle game where you guide a marshmallow around watery levels to create s’mores.

The goal in each level is to manoeuvre the crackers and your little marshmallow in such a way that the marshmallow is next to two chocolate crackers – at which point you get a cute little animation of the three parts becoming a tasty s’more. You can move your little marshmallow around manually, but you can also click to destroy crackers and you can drop objects in the water to cause ripples that make the crackers sail in different directions like a raft.

It’s a delightful game with charming visuals and elegant gameplay mechanics that are easily accessible yet allow for satisfyingly complex puzzles. After a single bite of this tasty puzzler you’ll be dying for s’more!

Download The One S’More Beta Demo Here (Steam)