Onirike – Alpha Demo

Onirike is a wonderfully weird non-linear third person puzzle platforming adventure where you try to recall your memories in a surreal dream world full of quirky characters.

In Onirike you take control of Prieto, a mysterious character who lives in a nighttime world and loses his memory every morning. With a little help from a four armed clown and a little exploration, platforming and puzzle solving you may manage to cling on to these memories and learn a little more about who you are.

Everything about Onirike is a little bit surreal and intangible – the strange world, the gameplay and even its art style are all a little hard to pin down. Exploring the world feels like you’re walking through a strange dream. The gameplay features an eclectic mix of exploration, puzzles, stealth, action and platforming. The art style is particularly interesting, almost feeling like a digital version of claymation, with characters that look like what would happen if Tim Park and Tim Burton collaborated on a project.

It’s a very weird experience that’s quite unlike any other third person adventure you’ll have come across. A surreal dream and a beautiful nightmare that you won’t want to wake up from.

Download the Onirike Alpha Demo Here (Steam)